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James Brandon’s Comedy Magic and Grand Illusion Shows are always a hit especially with added audience participation. Perfect for company events, parties, sales meetings and fundraisers.


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James Brandon has starred and emceed thousands of his own shows in Atlantic City, Monte Carlo and on the Las Vegas strip including headlining in “Imagine” at the Luxor Hotel. After starring in the 3 Family Channel specials, “The Great Magic of Las Vegas”, James decided to devote his full attention to performing Comedy Magic and Custom Illusions for the Corporate Entertainment and Trade Show market.


Award Winning World Champion



James has received the coveted Siegfried and Roy Golden Lion award in Las Vegas, Europe’s Golden Mandrake and top honors at the World Magic Olympics in Japan.


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Magic creates wonderment and interest which will draw traffic and ultimately translate into crowds and solid leads at  your Trade Show booth. James Brandon’s routines can be customized to meet all the objectives of your company.


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“At one point, we were working with some hard-to-impress buyers at the booth. Their moods instantly lifted when you charmed them with your magic and humor while highlighting our new product. They ended up placing a 50k order. You are pure gold!” Carrie Rigsby - Squire Boone, Marketing  Director


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Magic effects can be designed to amplify your goals and display your concepts. We can achieve this thematically, with logos, product placement or by creating new effects on the drawing board.


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Seen here with Malcolm Forbes and Sting, James can perform audience participation close-up magic effects for the guests at your next corporate event. Custom Magic or the use of your company logo can maximize the impact.


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The CEO can be the star of the show as your VIP appears by magic, assists in the routines or actually becomes the magician for part or all of the show.


Family Event



Magic Shows have long been a staple for family gatherings and all sorts of private events. In the days of Covid 19 James makes sure that the comedy and magical entertainment is in no way compromised while safety is in all ways maximized.


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James Brandon’s Biography





What got you interested in performing Magic Shows?

As a successful radio personality my father interviewed many fascinating people when I was a kid. One of whom was a Canadian magician named Doug Henning. Doug was promoting his new Broadway Magic Musical. It was just before I turned 12 and my family was invited to see the show. I loved all the magic and I couldn’t stop talking about it so my sister got me a starter set for my birthday gift. For the next few years my dad would drive me just about anywhere just so I could do a $10 show. By the time I was 16 I was performing at nightclubs practicing the act I took to Europe as soon as I graduated from high school. (MORE).


Who is the Greatest Magician of All Time?

Naturally any answer is going to be subjective however I’ve always thought that David Copperfield had the best mix of production, style and humor in his presentations. As for the most famous magician of all time, Harry Houdini’s name will forever be synonymous with great magic.


Is the Best Entertainment for a Company Party really Magic and Comedy?

Magic and clean comedy is a great icebreaker for any type of event where people are hoping to have a fun and upbeat shared experience. Not only is the Magic compelling but when it’s blended with hilarious comedy it’s a winning combination for every kind of audience.


What is Strolling Close Up Magic?

Strolling magic is where the magician interacts with just a few people at a time as he moves group-to-group or table-to-table. The magician provides micro miracles in a close up and personal way using small or borrowed items and lots of good-natured humor. A professional magician does not interrupt a group while they are actively in the middle of conversation but rather moves steadily to the guests to enhance their experience at your event.


How can Magic be used to Launch a New Product?

Using Custom Magic and Las-Vegas-Style Illusions is an extremely memorable way to launch a new product or product line into your industry. With a little lead-time I can work closely with your company to develop ideas for magic routines which will showcase your product’s features and deliver your important messaging goals.


How to Drive Traffic to a Trade Show Booth using a Magician?

Experienced trade show magicians are not just attention grabbers they are attention keepers. When I perform magic at a trade show booth I am not trying to blend in the sales folks. I am the bait so while my costumes are tasteful and professional they are also eye-catching and alluring. My job is to attract customers to your trade show booth from a distance. I do this by piquing their curiosity and satisfying their innate hope that they will see something unique on their trade show journey. I not only familiarize myself with the products and purpose of your booth but I also learn the names of my coworkers so I can introduce them to our new prospective clients as my friends. In short, I make your trade show booth stand out as I generate leads, put them in a good mood and then seamlessly hand them over to your expert team.


What sort of Consulting do you do?

I’ve been honored to do magic consulting for all the various types of entertainment industries. Music videos, television shows, films and commercials. (MORE).


Do you also Perform Magic for Private Parties and Events?

Yes, I absolutely do. I started my career as a private party entertainer and I have always enjoyed getting to connect with all of the enthusiastic folks after my performance. (MORE).


How Far will you Travel?

I have done Magic and Illusion Shows all over the world and have gone as far Santiago, Chile for a 5-minute TV spot and Bali, Indonesia to perform an 8-minute corporate icebreaker for Deutsche Bank.


Do you run a Safe Show during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Coronavirus has hit everyone hard and people are longing for a return to normalcy. That being said, safety has always been a priority where it comes to my performances. My shows always operate with an understanding and adherence to the guidelines of our clients and venues.


Why don’t Magicians Reveal their Secrets?

Sorry but I can’t tell you that. Actually there is a fine line between sharing knowledge to pass on the great traditions of magic and exposing the secrets just to gain popularity and profit. There are magic teachers, books and online courses for people who have a calling to learn. I am against revealing secrets just to satisfy a non-magicians curiosity. Most people are disappointed with the answers anyway. The real fun is watching a Master Magician entertain and wield his or her craft with style and agility.