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James Brandon has been magic, special effects and script consultant for many stage, television and film projects. From designing the magic and then coaching Joe Pesci for the film, “My Cousin Vinny”, to consulting with Panasonic on a commercial campaign for the rollout of a new technology, James brings a fresh approach and over 20 years of experience to the table. Because of James’ years in front of an audience he is uniquely qualified to punch up scripts and subtly incorporate comedic as well as magical touches to involve your products.

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James has not only consulted on, but was chosen as, an actor for numerous television shows such as The Net, Politically Incorrect and Nash Bridges and for music videos such as Sting’s, Desert Rose.

His commercials for IcyHot, Vanishing Scent were so well received that they ran internationally for an unprecedented 3 years.

James is presently the Creative Director of the Space Island Group.